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Winter Training Program

About Winter Training

Cycling Fusion's Winter Training Program makes the dreaded winter months become the new "make me stronger, faster, leaner, better" months. Winter Training is 12 complete educational workshops containing substance like you would only find at a university setting. Lectures, indoor cycling rides, and cycling specific cross training are all based on proven periodization, Heart Zones®, and power training principles to insure maximum success.

LECTURES: We start each session with 60 minutes of training education delivered by a nationally recognized coach or expert in exercise science, running, cycling or nutrition. These can be watched at any time, ideally before the weekly ride.

CYCLING RIDES: The variety of on bike riding is incredible in the Winter Training program by Cycling Fusion. The program starts at 1hr per session, and increases by 20 minutes every 3 weeks. By the final 3 weeks, we are up to 2 hrs on the bike, and loving it!

CROSS TRAINING: If you don't do your cross training in the winter, chances are you aren't going to do it at all. The the absence of the riding season "distractions" help this to be the best time to bring balance, flexibility and core strength back into your training.

Winter Training Program

We cover:
12 Weekly of Rides
12 Hour Long Lectures
Weekly Cross Training
This program is not just for outdoor riders, or even cyclists, it will benefit anyone that wants to develop their base.

Winter Training Program - $249.99

We provide the complete Winter Training Program to you on a portable hard drive. Yes, it is yours to own and reuse year after year. No streaming, no recurring fees. Please note, this version is licensed for individual use only. Please contact Cycling Fusion for studio pricing

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From: Jim

Thanks, Winter Training helped advance me to take 10 hours of my PBP time in 2011 and to RAAM qualify in 2013. This year, I am still leveraging my spring fitness as I ride only 1 or 2 days a month, but most of them are ultras.

From: Caleb

Here is why I need winter training! It's the best way to kick of your riding season, Winter Training!! Get ahead of the pack especially at the early season races. I use the training to get ready for my early season races like Tour of the Battenkill, without it I wouldn't have the focus to get into race shape through the tough cold winter months. The instruction, videos, tools (Ride Journal especially), and comradery make riding indoors fun and beneficial.