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Weekly Ride Program

The Weekly Ride Program

Here at Cycling Fusion, we work extremely hard to have a harmonious blend of the outdoor and indoor cycling worlds. By utilizing the techniques that USA Cycling coaches train racers with, we are able to get a much more personalized response from each one of our students. We target certain heart rates, cadences, and watts to be as efficient as possible when teaching a class. This way, everything we do has a specific physiological response and thus is purposeful for the intended workout on hand. The problem then lies in creating a well thought out ride every week to keep students engaged and continuously improving. So, Cycling Fusion has developed a solution for all indoor cycle instructors that allows access to our Master Instructors playlist, cues, and a video performance, to insure your delivery is on point! Cycling Fusion’s Weekly Ride Service is here and is meant to take the stress out of instructing! No more stringing songs together right before your class and no more searching for music and spending hours formulating a progressive class. We have taken out all the guess work and offer you a weekly playlist and cues, timed up perfectly every week, allowing you as an instructor to focus on the most important part of instructing, the students.

ln the future we will be adding: Audio recordings of a Master Instructor delivering a ride; Guest rides submitted by you, our instructors; Songs of the week with a breakdown of the song and its use and Articles on "Fusing" your outdoor experience with your indoor ride

Learn from Master Instructors

Each Week You Get:

A New Ride Every Week (on Monday)
Complete Apple Music Playlist
Complete Spotify Playlist
Master Instructor commentary on the ride and the delivery
8 Hrs of Cycling Fusion CE per year (CE does not come every month)
Never have to pay a renewal fee for your CF certification (as long as you are enrolled)

Weekly Ride Service - $5.00

The Weekly Ride Service (through our affiliates) is just $5.00 per month.....and the first month is only 1 cent! (yes, just one penny). Remember: There is no commitment; You can cancel at any time; Try one month for just once cent (yes, one penny)!!!

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Free Sample Ride and Playlist

Free Sample Ride PDF

Free Sample Apple Music Playlist

Free Sample Spotify Playlist

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From: Jenny

Dear Joey, Thank you for creating the Weekly Ride. It is an amazing service for the busy instructor.

From: Pam

This is awesome!!! I'm so excited to try these out!!